I’ve got this doppelganger.  I’ve never come across him, but now and then someone stops me in the street and starts to talk as if they know me. I let them rattle on. It’s not worth explaining that they think I’m someone else.  One of my work colleagues has seen him, and for a moment she was almost taken in, only, when she looked closely she realized he was someone else. The resemblance is apparently uncanny.



3 thoughts on “Ghosting

  1. Very good. Interesting to see who you Re away from the Ginger 🙂 Interesting about the doppelganger too. I’d like to think that was the case with me but it’s really that I have generic looks… really, there is no shortage of middle age blonde women…

    • This other guy is soo like me in appearance that even those who know me really well are taken in and think he is me. I have had several conversations where I work with people I never met who are utterly convinced they know me well. But they know this other chap. And they know this other chap really quite in detail, like on an everday basis. They ask me about his plans and how he (me?) is feeling. So he must look really like me. It is perplexing.

  2. That’s fascinating. I’ve never had that experience (either meeting someone who thought they knew me but actually knew my double, or meeting someone I knew’s double), but I did once find a late-Medieval Dutch painting where one of the people depicted looked exactly like my uncle, except, you know, in late Medieval Dutch clothes. That was strange enough!

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