If you think your talking to me you’ve got another think coming!

For years I’ve been standing on the station platform next to a certain chap.  We wait in silence, we never speak, and I never acknowledge him in any way. A few weeks ago I passed him in the corridor of the building where I work and realised he’s based in an office near mine and I found out that he’s been there for ages. Hundreds of commuters get our train so that’s a big coincidence. Even so I didn’t break step. I nodded and hurried along to talk to someone else in loud and garrulous terms.  You see I love to sit on the train in the morning, thinking my thoughts in peace and quiet and talking isn’t on the agenda. I know he’s on the same wavelength as me and passing the time of day would ruin both our days for sure. If talking was part of the deal I’d have to move to another part of the train and board an unfamiliar carriage with people I don’t know at all.


I’ve got this doppelganger.  I’ve never come across him, but now and then someone stops me in the street and starts to talk as if they know me. I let them rattle on. It’s not worth explaining that they think I’m someone else.  One of my work colleagues has seen him, and for a moment she was almost taken in, only, when she looked closely she realized he was someone else. The resemblance is apparently uncanny.